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Customer Decoration Design Types

With so many different options out there for decorating your custom apparel, how do you know when to use each method? Each decoration option comes with certain pros and cons as well as some limitations.

To make things easy, most of our products have a recommended or default decoration method. To make things even easier we have broken down the decoration techniques we offer below. Of course, if you need help deciding you can give us a call or start an online chat!


Embroidered logos typically look best on polos, jackets, woven shirts, caps, and bags, but this is a truly versatile style of decoration. We've embroidered just about every style of apparel & accessory on our site!

Embroidery is Ideal for…


Benefits of Embroidery as a Decoration Method

  • There is an added texture to the design.
  • The product does not need to be laid flat like in printing, making embroidery suitable for hats and bags.
  • The intricate design evokes a high perceived value and sense of professionalism.
  • More durable and resistant to damage from washing than most decoration methods.


Drawbacks of Embroidery as a Decoration Method

  • The number of colors used in the design is limited to the thread color options and prices typically increase with additional colors.
  • Embroidery is only a suitable decoration method for fabric.
  • Embroidery machines can struggle with small lettering or fine details in the design.


Digital Heat Transfer Printing

Digital Heat Transfers, also known as digital transfers, is a great decoration choice if you are looking for affordable design options with unlimited colors. With decoration methods like embroidery and screen printing, they are labor intensive and you are using physical resources - thread and ink - to create a logo. This cost can be avoided with heat transfer, making it the most ideal decoration option for smaller orders.

Digital Heat Transfers are Ideal for…


Benefits of Digital Heat Transfers as a Decoration Method

  • Full color and exceptional image detail.
  • Minimal setup costs and equipment make heat transfers ideal for smaller order sizes.
  • Affordable individually personalized decoration, such as sports uniforms.
  • Allows for finer details and smaller text than other methods.
  • Heat transfer is available in many different finishes and styles.
  • Environmentally friendly.


Drawbacks of Digital Heat Transfers as a Decoration Method

  • Supplies are very expensive, so large designs tend to be more expensive than other design methods.
  • An image does not last as long as some other decoration methods and the printed area is not very breathable. A typical digital heat transfer is rate for approximately 50 wash cycles.
  • Unable to use an iron on the printed area of the garment.
  • Should not be done on certain synthetic materials that can’t be exposed to the high heat from the iron.


Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl has especially great durability. Perfect for uniforms, jerseys and custom t-shirts, as they are worn frequently and go through a lot of wear and tear. This decoration option is extremely dependable wash after wash.

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is Ideal for…


Benefits of Vinyl Transfer as a Decoration Method

  • The image is full color, photo quality, long lasting and durable.
  • Your company logo or custom design is easily applied to any fabric or material that can absorb color.
  • Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is a very affordable decoration method.


Drawbacks of Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl as a Decoration Method

  • There are limitations depending on the design because vinyl has to be weeded and contour cut around the image. But don't worry, we review all artwork before going to print.


Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing, is the most cost-effective method for large quantity print runs (around 50+ items) and works especially well with items like t-shirts and tanks. A complex design with many different colors requires different stencils for each color, so this decoration method is best for logos with 4 colors or less.

Screen Printing is Ideal for…


Benefits of Screen Printing as a Decoration Method

  • Most cost effective decoration method for larger custom apparel orders.
  • Just about any design and ink color can be applied to any product through screen printing.
  • Ink is applied thicker than digital printing, making your design more vibrant and easier to see on darker fabrics or surfaces.


Drawbacks of Screen Printing as a Decoration Method

  • The necessity to create screens means screen printing is not ideal for smaller order sizes or individually personalized items.
  • Prices typically increase on orders with a high number of colors.



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