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Raise Money & Awareness for your Cause!

    Are you a school or organization trying to raise money? imPrint Genie loves helping the community be a better place and we work with individuals, companies and organizations every day to help with their fundraising efforts. Sell custom apparel and more, or accept donations with our Custom Fundraising Solutions. There is no money out of pocket, hassles or risk. You decide what to sell, pick the designs and set the price. imPrint Genie sets up your online store, fills your orders and sends you the funds you raised!


Our Custom Fundraising Solutions gives you an online presence for your cause and can be linked to your all of your social channels to spread the word fast.

No Risk, No Inventory

Sell your custom apparel and other merchandise without buying any products up front or having the hassles of maintaining and handling inventory.

Success for Your Campaign

imPrint Genie is heavily involved in our communities and love being able to help make a difference. We have helped numerous individuals organizations and companies have successful fundraising campaigns.

Lifts Spirits

Having custom apparel and other merchadise will boost spirits, inspire a sense of community and brings supporters together, around your cause.

Raise the Funds You Need

A Custom Fundraising Solution allows you to increase your efforts and visability through your own personalized page and get the message out to a large audience.

Fast, Fun & Easy

imPrint Genie can put your fundraising campaign together in as little as one day. You just need to pick your products, create your design, share your story and leave the rest to us!

How do I get started?

To get started, fill out the form below and tell us your story. We will contact you to discuss your fundraising objectives and goals, explain in detail how the Custom Fundraising Solution works and show you how we can help make your fundraising campaign a success!

Custom Fundraising Solutions

Looking for a print partner?

What is a Outsource Partnership?

    An outsource partnership is a business to business partnership where imPrint Genie is more than a wholesale supplier, we are your printing department. From big business to the small startups and entrapranuers, we have a solution that works. Are you an existing business that is not in a position to invest thousands of dollars into your own printing equipment, but printing is critical to the success of your business? Maybe you are a car wrap installer looking to branch out on your own but can't afford a $20,000 eco-solve printer? Maybe your a photographer that wants to offer your customers more than just photographs or even an aspiring designer that wants to start your own clothing line but knows nothing about printing apparel?

     No matter the situation, we have a solution that works! As an outsource print partner, we will do all the printing for you and provide you with high quality prints at a wholesale price.

     Get a wholesale printer you can count on! With our Outsource Partnership Program, it's your business and your brand. imPrint Genie is a transparent arm of your company that prints and fullfills your orders under your brand. We are your wholesale printing partner and NEVER your competition. We can even set you up with your own website to sell your products. Best of all, there is NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS!!!!!

How do I get started?

To get started, fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your business objectives, explain in detail how the outsource partnership works and make sure it is a good fit for your business.

Outsource Partnership

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