Design Review & Repair


     At imPrint Genie we want every order to be perfect for our customers and that's why we always offer Design Review & Repair as a free service. Once your order is placed with your print ready design, our team will review your design and make minor adjustments such as placement & centering or adjusting print sizes on orders with youth and adult apparel free of charge. 

     But what about the customers who lack the skills to get us their art work ready to print? Don't worry, we have you covered too! imPrint Genie has digital artists who specialize in graphic design, so if you need more than minor adjustments to your art work we can help you with any of the following:


     Pixilation can turn a great design into a nightmare. Taking the time to create your masterpiece, only to have it look boxy, choppy, and sloppy, is a heartbreaking experience. But don't worry, our graphic designers can clean up your pixilation issues by increasing the size of your image and redrawing your outlines so that your design prints perfectly. We can even change the color of your logo or add an outline. Just let us know what your looking for and we will take care of the rest!


     After you place your order, we double check that your design is centered and placed perfectly on your apparel, and that the alignment, centering, and distance from the neckline is correct. We will correct any minor problems that we find and send you the final version before we move on to printing.


     Does your design have an unwanted background that needs to be removed? Don't worry, once you place your order, we will remove the unwanted background and send you a proof to approve before moving on to printing.


     If you are ordering both youth and adult apparel, don't worry about the graphic size because we have you covered! We always make sure that your print will fit on all of the apparel in your order, even if that means making two different print sizes for you!


     Did you find the perfect design but it's in the wrong color? Don't worry, it happens all the time and the good news is the colors in any piece of artwork can be changed to work for you. Let us know what colors you need and we will take care of the rest!

How do I get started?

The ordering process is easy as 1 2 3........ It only takes a few minutes of your time and once you have done your part, you can leave the rest to us!!! Click the link below to get started on your order. If you need further assistance or need a quote for one of our design services fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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     If you need further assistance or need a quote for one of our design services fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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