What is Embroidery?

     Embroidery has been around since ancient times and adds an extra level of sophistication to your merchandise. 

     This method of decoration can be performed by hand or by machine, to decorate all types of fabric with a design. In the modern era it is primarily machine based and requires the use of digitizing software to convert the actual artwork or logo into a thread pattern and file type that the embroidery machine can read so it knows how to apply the stitches to the fabric. This process is called digitizing and when when performed by an experienced person leads to a beautiful finished product. 

     Embroidery is the preferred decoration method for all polo or dress style shirts with left chest logo placement being the primary location of choice. Although polo and dress style shirts are the most popular embroidery items, bags, purses, backpacks, hats, leather products and tennis shoes to name a few can also be embroidered successfully and produce stunning results. 

     Our high-capacity commercial embroidery machines allow us to embroider almost any design on any merchandise, making it the perfect choice for businesses, organizations, and school groups.

How do I order?

The ordering process is easy as 1 2 3........ It only takes a few minutes of your time and once you have done your part, you can leave the rest to us!!!

     From our online store, select the create tab on our website and choose your merchandise. Click the "Start Designing" button and once the designer opens, you can upload your design, add text or use one of our own design templates. When you are happy with your newly designed merchandise add it to your cart, check out and leave the rest to us! 

     Once you submit your order, our team reviews your order and designs to make sure you will end up with quality merchandise. With your approval we may make minor changes to clean up your art work and ensure an amazing finished product. From there, we will send you a digital copy of the art work and ask that you approve it before we go to print. After we recieve your art work approval, your order is printed and inspected to make sure it meets our strict quality standards.

     When you merchandise passes inspection, it is time to get it to you! Your order is carefully packaged and shipped right to your door. You are given a confimation email, delivery date and tracking number so you will know exactly when your merchandise will arrive. If you are a local customer, you can pick it up or we can even bring it to you!


     Enjoy your customized merchandise and let us know how we did by telling everyone you know all about your experience with imPrint Genie. Shout it from the roof tops, post it on social media so it goes viral, send smoke signals if you have too, just get the message out so others can enjoy us too!!! 


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